Lord of The Rings & The Hobbit on 4K UHD

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You can return to the magical worlds of Middle Earth in 4K UHD, remastered by Weta Digital under the supervision of Director Peter Jackson. All six films will include Dolby Vision, HDR10 High Dynamic Range and Dolby Atmos audio. You can pre-order the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies from Zavvi (available to own from 30th November).

These contain both the original theatrical versions, and the extended Special Editions. There are also Steelbook version of both, but these are already sold out at Zavvi, but are available from Amazon (The Hobbit, LOTR).

Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings interview

In the video below Peter Jackson discusses the pleasures and trials of rematsering his Middle earth stories. He says “Although they are 6 movies telling one continuos story, they didn’t have a consistency with the  look.
It’s fun to have all the toys now; we didn’t have all this in the old days.
It’s not a story of heroes, or superheroes, it’s a story of ordinary people who set out to save their world and through a long series of hardships they ultimately achieve that. That was what was so powerful about the books that Professor Tolkein wrote, the novels, and that’s what people responded to when our movies came out all those years ago. I think it’s still as relevant today, as it ever was.

Zavvi also have some other LOTR merch with discount codes. For example PRINT20 gets you 20% off LOTR prints, and LORD40 gets you 40% off LOTR clothing! That also have some of the fantastic figurines made by the amazing Weta creatives, like Saruman the White.


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